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לימור טופול קרמיקאית

Hi I'm Limor, nice to meet you

I caught a spark of love for pottery more than 30 years ago, back in the military days, while spending time among artists in Jericho. Potters worked, and I kept buying their creations and eventually hoarded a collection of handmade urns.

After the army, I took a trip to the East which made this spark even stronger and when I returned to Israel, although pottery classes were a rare find, I decided to look for for a place to learn this craft.
I was lucky to find teachers sharing the same spark at Tel Hai College.
So lucky, that even after so many years, I am still completely infatuated with pottery, with all my body, heart and soul. 
The same spark ignites and leads me in each of my encounters with clay. It appears each time I create a new item.

Every piece I create comes from the depths of my heart, and every piece I sell or create for you by personal order is a labour of love, reflecting me and my values.

My work is inspired mainly by nature, the sea, the world of Iyengar yoga, the details that caught my eye in your homes... and then it's combined with the old Japanese pottery art I learned and experienced as an assistant in Europe, art that boasts  punctiliousness and exemplary aesthetics, while enjoying the freedom of brush strokes, combining different materials, exploring touch that brings the clay to life while being fired in the kiln.
All of this forms a complete and perfect process that keeps rekindling the same spark in my eyes and heart over and over again, and brings the excitement each time I meet new clients who will take home another creation of my handmade love.

At the studio

סטודיו לימור שיתוף פעולה

Cooperation & Special Orders

Do you have a cafe / restaurant / boutique B&B and it's important for you to standout or maintain a unique design for your guests? 
I invite you to order a set designed and customized exactly to your requirements, needs and taste, fitting the style of your dining table and matching the desired decor.

To order or to get together for an exciting new project, please get in touch with me via phone: +972 545319638 or via Whatsapp button below. 


Pottery is a craft full of emotion and intuition.
These, added to the character of producing the handmade tableware,  means the items are not uniform and each of them is unique and true to its own form - please keep it in mind when ordering your pieces in my online store.

If you have something specific in mind, I invite you to place your order individually contacting me via phone or Whatsapp. For full contact details click here.

סטודיו לימור חנות קרמיקה
Work with me
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