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Terms of Use - Studio Limor

1. Limor Topol Paran is the legal owner of the Website which sells, among other things, handmade pottery on the website above and/or via emails sent to the customer base and/or other partner sites and/or on any platform on which the website owner decides to promote their products (for convenience, the company will be called throughout the Terms of Use (hereinafter: “TOU”) as they are not an authorized dealer hereinafter: "the company", and/or "the website" and/or "site owner" and/or "business"), the sale is done via Internet on the website only.
2. The Studio Limor website (hereinafter called: the "Website") is a website built on the Internet, and it is a virtual store intended for the purchase of products and services by the public who surf the Internet. The owner and operator of the website is Studio Limor, located in Kibbutz Alonim (hereinafter: "Studio Limor").
3. Language used in TOU appears in masculine form, which is intended only for convenience and which means that both forms, masculine and feminine, apply equally to the regulations. 
4. The "Studio Limor" website is a website that offers Internet users published content, information, as well as additional content in various fields (hereinafter:  "the Services").
5. The services offered to Internet users on the Website are subject to these TOU under the fundamental condition that the user consents to the regulations stated.
6. The contents of these TOU or any of its parts may not be copied and/or reproduced and/or used in any way without the prior written permission of the copyright holder and the property rights therein.
7. User confirms that they have read and understood Website’s regulations stated in these TOU, prior browsing the Website. 
8. A user who has browsed and/or used this Website declares that what is stated in the site's regulations (TOU) will be a deciding factor in case of any potential disagreements between the parties.
9. The user declares that in any case of disagreement, they will not be allowed to raise a claim/complaint in relation to his consent to any of the terms in the site regulations.
10. The provisions of these TOU shall apply to any use made of the Website by the visitors (hereinafter called: "the User" and/or "Customer"), including the online purchase and/or telephone purchase and/or an entry and/or visit and/or action on the Website, and/or case of the contact between the Customer/User and the Website Owner via email and/or any other media. The User hereby gives their consent and confirmation that they have read and understood the TOU below including the privacy statement arising from these TOU which can be found below. If the User does not agree to the TOU, they are asked to refrain from using the company's Services and/or the Website and receiving any service related to the purchase on the Website.
11. The user gives their irrevocable and thorough consent to their Internet provider and/or any third party to provide the company (Studio Limor) with their correct, personal details and ways of contacting them immediately upon company’s first demand, should one appear.
12. In these TOU, the following terms have been associated with the following meanings: “Information” and/or “Content” - any material and/or audio and/or text and/or video and/or information and/or content and/or offer and/or publication and/or detail and/or details displayed on the website and/or in any other media related to the Company including words, pictures, drawings, sketches, graphs and the manner in which the above is combined or designed, or any assemblage of digital content in a way that creates any uniqueness. "The Company" - a person and/or body and/or the holding company and/or any of them and/or on their behalf who operates the Website. "User" - any person and/or body and/or entity who enters the site and/or uses and/or browses the site.
13. The management of the Website reserves the right to update these TOU from time to time and without prior notification or one after the update, or without a special mention in any of the channels available on the Website.
14. The binding and determining wording of regulations in the TOU is the one published on the Website at the time of purchase. At the same time, Studio Limor (hereinafter called: The Company) recommends users to read and stay updated from time to time regarding the content of the TOU. 
15. The titles of the sections in these TOU are provided for the convenience and orientation of the user and will not be used for the purpose of interpreting the regulations.
16. It is clarified that The Company may, at its discretion, terminate the activity of the Website at any time and without prior notice.
17. The Company reserves the right to prevent access to the Website and/or the possibility of making purchases on the Website and/or to cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is deemed inappropriate or not in accordance with the TOU, or who attempts to impair the proper management of the site.
18. The actual purchase of the product on the Website is equal to the customer agreeing that on their part they have read, understood and agreed to the provisions of the regulations in these TOU. The TOU is a binding contract between the User and /or Customer and the Company.
The company does not obligate itself to keep stock of all the models and/or clothes/fabrics whose photos appear on the Website.
19. The management of the Website may occasionally update the prices of the products on the Website and/or the delivery rates and without the need for prior notice or one after. The price valid in relation to the specific order placed, is the price published in the final screen when the order process is completed (which includes providing and entering credit card information). If the prices are updated before the completion of the ordering process, the User will be charged according to the updated prices.
20. The management of the Website may offer promotions, benefits and discounts on the Website. The management of the Website may at any time terminate these promotions, benefits and discounts, replace them or change them, without the need to give any prior notice or one after.
21. The TOU of the Website apply to the use of the Website and the services included in it, using any computer or other communication device (such as a mobile phone, tablets or various PDAs, etc.). They also apply to the use of the Website whether through the Internet, or through any network or other means of communication.


The right and legality of using the Website 
1. The User may participate in the sale process on the Website in order to perform actions including purchases, by fulfilling the cumulative conditions listed below:
A. The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. This means that the User declares that they are 18 years old or older.
B. The User has a valid credit card that has been legally issued by one of the credit card companies that are also present and active in Israel.
C. The User of the Website confirms their joining the Company's direct mailing system via email, landline or mobile phone, text messages, mail and fax in accordance with the provisions of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law (Amendment No. 40) 5768 2008.
2. No other person may be registered without their consent and/or without their presence in front of the screen at the time of registration and after all the TOU of the Website have been explained to him.
3.The registration on the Website is for the personal and exclusive use of the User only, and they (The User) is not allowed to transfer the permission to use the Website to any other person. It is User’s special duty to be completely accurate in all the personal details required and provided for the purpose of registration on the Website and for the purpose of the ongoing contact with the subscriber (The User).

Credit card regulations and legal statements
1. The Customer declares that they are aware of the credit card laws and regulations as far as "remote purchase" and/or "telephone purchase" and/or "internet transaction" are concerned.
2. In case of a Customer who "denies a transaction" (performs a chargeback) to a credit card company and is credited by a credit card company, providing that the Website proves that they received the transaction and the Customer received the product to the address they requested to receive the order, and in fact it turns out that he used the law in his favor, the Website or anyone on its behalf will be the main plaintiff to claim compensation for the aforesaid without the need to prove damage.
3. If a product purchased on the Website was in fact received by the Customer, but they contacted a credit card company claiming a remote transaction of credit card debit should be canceled for any reason by the Customer, the Website will not give consent to this cancellation and it will be allowed to demand and claim the money for the purchase in question, and in which case the cancellation or the amount that returned to the customer will become the Customer's promissory note towards the Website.


Terms of purchase and products
1. The Company allows you to purchase various products and services through the Website.
2. For each product or service offered for sale on the Website, a “product page” is displayed, which is a page consisting of the product or service offered for sale, and the sale price (hereinafter “the product page”).
3. The products sold on the Website include plates, cups, jars and other handmade pottery, and their details appear on the various pages throughout the Website and/or on the product page in particular and other products that the Company decides to display in the online store.
4. It is made clear that the images on the Website are for illustration purposes only, and there may be differences in terms of color and product details between the images and the actual products. These changes are due, among other things, to the fact that the products are photographed and displayed on the computer screen.

5. Details of the technical specifications, terms of business transaction including the price of the products, will appear on the product page ((hereinafter called: "product page"). The Company reserves the right to change the contents of the product page, including the price at any time.
6. To place an order of a product, a User is required to first select the product in accordance with the instructions on the Website - this includes size, quantity and color (if available in stock), all depending on the context of the product and according to the choices the Website offers for each product (hereinafter: "the Product").
7. Next, the User is required to enter basic details such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number (hereinafter: the “Order Form”), and then the User becomes the “the Customer” or “performer of the action”. In order for the order to be carried out quickly and without any problems, care must be taken to provide the correct details. Otherwise the Company will not be able to guarantee the fulfilment of the order. If incorrect details are provided when placing the order, the Company will not be able to guarantee that the products will reach their destination. In the event that the products are returned to the company due to incorrect details, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Therefore it is important to fill in accurate and up-to-date details.
8. Providing incorrect information intentionally or without authorization may likely be considered a violation of the law. Providers of false details may be subject to civil and criminal legal action, including tort claims for damages caused to Studio Limor due to a disruption of the operation of the Website and the sale processes.
9. After performing the transaction, the credit card details will be verified through the clearing company and after receiving approval from the credit card company and performing the CHECK OUT operation, the Customer will be notified that the transaction has been approved, and inform that the purchase transaction will be completed only after the company receives approval from the credit of execution of the charge, in accordance with the work practices and regulations existing between the Customer and the Company. Confirmation of the order placed and executed will be sent via e-mail.
10. It needs to be clarified and emphasized that sending an e-mail regarding the registration of the order in Studio Limor's system does not constitute execution of the product production, and the sending of the email itself does not obligate Studio Limor. It is made clear that Studio Limor's computer system records, which include a computerized and automatic record of all operations on the Website, constitute prima facie evidence of what is stated in them.
11. In the event of the transaction not being approved by the credit company, the Customer will receive an appropriate notice. In order to complete the purchase, the Customer will be required to contact the company's customer service center by telephone for the purpose of arranging the approval of the credit company for the execution of the transaction. It is made clear that the ordering and purchasing process will be considered complete only after the credit details have been verified and the payment has been confirmed by the Customer and the credit company. In such a case, the product delivery dates will only be calculated from the date of approval of the transaction by the credit card company. Without final approval from the credit company for approval of the transaction, the order will be void and the Company will not be obligated to the Customer in any way including not keeping the product in question in stock.
12. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will have no responsibility and will not bear any direct and/or indirect damage to orders that have not been confirmed.
13. Approval of the purchase and the Company's commitment to the product delivery is conditional on the product being available in the Company's warehouse inventory on the requested delivery date and/or on the order date. It is clarified that even if it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been removed from the Website by the time the order is placed, the Company will not be obligated to sell the product, and the customer will not have any complaint and/or claim in this regard or any damage, either direct and/or indirect, that was caused to the Customer and/or to a third party service provider. Nothing in this section shall derogate from the Company's obligation to return to the Customer any amount they have paid if they have indeed paid it to the Company or to cancel the charge if it has been made. It should be emphasized and clarified that there may be situations in which despite displaying a certain item on the Website as existing in stock, while in practice it is not in stock and can not be delivered - in such cases the transaction will be canceled and the Customer will not have a claim.
14. The Company reserves the right to prevent access to sales and/or to cancel the participation in sale processes on the Website for Users whose behavior is inappropriate or not in accordance with the TOU, or who try to harm the proper management of sales on the Website.

15. The order will be registered in Studio Limor's system and it will be possible to see it and follow its handling at the "My Account" link on the website. A confirmation of the transaction will also be sent by e-mail within 48 hours of the completion of the purchase transaction by the user on the website.
16. In the event that the User requested not to provide the credit card information on the Website, but instead do it via phone, the Company representative may contact him by phone in order to obtain the credit card information. The operation will be considered complete by the Company only after the credit details are provided by the User. In such a case, the delivery dates will be calculated only from the date the Company received the credit details and approval of the transaction by the credit card company was issued. It will be clarified and emphasized that if the User chooses the option of the Company representative contacting them by phone to obtain credit information, and the Customer does not respond to the company's phone call and/or e-mail within 7 days of the referral, the suppliers and/or the Company will be entitled to cancel the order.


Shipping and delivery policy
1. The Company will take care of the delivery of any product purchased by the Customer on the Website to the address in Israel or abroad that you typed when making the purchase. The Company will act to provide the Products or Services in accordance with the terms of delivery specified on the Operation Page of the Products or Services. The company commits to providing only a product which has been paid for in full by credit card as detailed below.
2. The period of 10 business days allocated for the delivery of the product starts one day after the Company receives the order confirmation from the system. 10 business days for the delivery include courier mail process and delivery to an address and order details provided by the Customer on the Website and/or during the approval of the order and/or while placing the order. 
3. If a transaction is canceled and/or refunded for any reason, the refund will be provided only for the products and not for the shipping of the product. If the order is made as a series of payment transactions, the Company has the right to cover the shipping cost in the first payment and not refund it.
4. ​​The shipping options, prices and other details will appear on the Website in detail, under the "Shipments and Returns" policy.
5. The Company shall not be liable for delay and/or hindrance in shipment caused by a third party and/or affected by force majeure and/or strikes and/or war and/or hostilities and/or emergencies and natural disasters and/or lack of response on the part of the Customer to coordinate the delivery and/or any other reason that the Company could not prevent. Such delay will not constitute a breach of obligation to supply the product. The Company reserves the right to supply the product after the factor that prevents and/or delays the delivery as stated is no longer affecting it. The counting of the product delivery days will cease once the interruption is recognized and will continue one the interruption is no longer present and affecting. 
6. In areas where access is restricted from a security point of view, the Company will be allowed to deliver the products for customers to an acceptable nearby place, which will be coordinated with them in advance.
7. The dispatch service and the delivery area coverage are subject to the discretion of the Company only, and they include the territories of the State of Israel and other states in certain areas defined on the Website (hereinafter: "the distribution area"). The Company reserves the right to change the distribution areas without prior notice and at any time.
8. If it becomes clear to the Company according to its procedures and policy that the product cannot be supplied to the Customer and no other appropriate solution can be found, the Company may cancel the transaction at any time until it is possible to supply the product. After the cancellation of the transaction by the Company, the Customer will be entitled to his money back through the means of payment they used while making the original order and/or the credit charges will be canceled and/or a credit will be made in the amount of the charge. It will be emphasized that the Customer will not be entitled to any additional compensation of any kind due to the cancellation of the transaction.
9. The customer must inform the Company if the item was not received during the delivery period stated on the Website.
10. It is clarified that the delivery of the products (whether at Studio Limor or at the user's home, or post office) can be conditional upon the presentation of the Customer's identity card and the presentation of the “order confirmation” number as received from the ordering system for the transaction. It is agreed that Studio Limor and/or anyone on its behalf will be entitled to demand any additional means of identification, at their discretion, as a condition for the delivery of the products to the Customer.
11. The date of delivery of the product/services specified on the order page is calculated in working days counted from the date of order, which is the day of receipt of approval for the transaction from the Customer's credit company (Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holidays). The Company does its best to bring forward the delivery date and/or adapt it to the Customer's needs, which is subject to the policy of the delivering companies.
12. The User may choose to have the ordered products delivered directly to their home and/or other destination of their choice by courier or by registered mail or alternatively, to choose the delivery form of their choice from Studio Limor.
13. Delivery of products to the Customer’s home involves the payment of a shipping fee as specified on the Website (depending on the total purchase). The shipping fee will be indicated and added to the price of the products on the order page on the Website. The shipping fee will be charged for delivery to one destination, whether one or more products have been ordered.
14. The delivery fees listed on the Website do not include deliveries outside Israel. In the case of delivery outside Israel, the company will be entitled to charge an additional fee on top of the fee charged for regular delivery.


Product supply from Studio Limor
1. Supply of the products in Studio Limor will be made within a few days from the product order date on the Website (up to 4 business days). The products will be supplied to the Studio Limor as chosen by the Customer, according to their preference, and as picked by the Customer on the Website. A representative from Studio Limor will contact the Customer via phone for the purpose of setting the arrival date to collect the products in the Studio. The Customer is obliged to collect the products from the Studio during Studio’s business hours. Studio Limor will keep the products ordered by the Customer in the Studio for the period of 14 days. If the Customer does not collect the products from the Studio within 14 days, then the Company will be entitled to cancel the transaction (unless otherwise arranged with Studio Limor). In the event of the cancellation of the said transaction, the user will not have any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against Studio Limor in connection with the product’s cancellation of the transaction. In the event of the delivery location being set at Limor Studio where Customer collects the products ordered in person, the Customer will not be charged any shipping fees.


Cancellation of the transaction by the Customer
1. The Customer who performed the purchase operation may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter called: "Consumer Protection Law"), as detailed below, except for the purchase of certain items, specified in section 14C (d) of the Consumer Protection Law, the Customer will not be able to cancel the transaction. This is in accordance with the product return policy that will be published from time to time at the Company's discretion and in accordance with the law.
2. Financial credit at the end of 14 days of receiving the product or receiving the details of the transaction, all before the law and consumer protection regulations. Replacement of the product will be possible within 14 days from the date of purchase and producing the relevant invoice. End of season items can be replaced within 7 days from their purchase. Replacement option will be possible if the product previously ordered is returned at the expense of the Customer being in new condition and/or not damaged - after the inspection and approval of the Company the Customer will be allowed to receive a replacement. The start the process of returning the product ordered or purchased, it is required to contact the Company’s contact details available on the Website and/or in these TOU.
3. It is clarified that according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health it is not possible to return or exchange lingerie or swimwear.
4. The cancellation conditions mentioned above will not apply to products and/or items that have been manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law in Section 14 (c) d - Goods manufactured specifically at the Customer’s order. Unless the Company before the rule of law agrees to this and its terms, if they are published from time to time on the Website.
5. Cancellation of the transaction within two hours from the moment of completing the order of the products on the Website and before delivery of the product - will be done by cancellation by phone to 0545319638 and within the Studio's business hours, Sundays-Fridays from 9:00-14:00, on the same day. In such circumstances, the user will be entitled to a full refund of the payment (including the shipping fee, if such were collected).
6. If after more than two hours, the transaction is canceled after this period of time, the order will be charged and executed, but the Customer will be allowed to return the product, upon receipt, via Israel Post, provided the product is in the same, new condition and not used. In case of a cancellation of the transaction performed after collection of the product by the Customer, performed not due to a defect in the product and/or non-compliance - the Customer will be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction within 14 days from the date of collecting the product and provided that the product is in good condition and not used.
7. In any case of a cancellation request being made after the product has long been shipped from the Company, the cancellation of the transaction is subject to the Customer returning the product/s purchased in their original packaging, complete and/or without damage and/or defect and/or spoling of any kind, including such done by a courier, the return of the product is done at the Customer’s expense, to the Company’s order center.
8. The cancellation of the transaction will be made by returning the product to Studio Limor or by mail service of the Customer’s choice and provided that the product is in good condition and has not been used at all. It is clear that in the event of cancellation of a transaction, that is not due to a defect and/or non-compliance, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund for the shipping fees paid by them (any shipping fees paid).
9. In case of a cancellation of the transaction as a result of a defect and/or inconsistency between the product and its details as they appear on the Website - the user is obliged to check the product immediately upon collection. If the Customer received a product that is defective, or such for which the actual product specification differs from the specification presented on the Website, the Customer may cancel the transaction within 7 days of receiving the product by updating the Company about receiving a defective product and starting a cancellation process returning the product by mail/delivery service or directly to Studio Limor. All the process is done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981. 
For any questions related to inquiries, exchanges, returns, etc., please contact Studio Limor by email: or by phone: 0545319638.
In any event, when returning the product, it will be followed either with its replacement with another product or receipt of a monetary credit, subject to the following conditions:
10. A refund for cancelled transaction will be made by crediting the credit card used to make the purchase on the Website within 14 days from the Company receiving a request to cancel the translation and the product in question.
11. Replacement of the product with another product or returning the funds as financial credit will be made at Studio Limor, in accordance with the general exchange policy existing at Studio Limor, as updated from time to time, within 14 days from the moment the Customer collected the product of the product, provided the product was not in use.
12. The user will receive a credit for the total final cost of the specific item to which they are entitled (excluding the cost of shipping). If it is not possible for the Customer to reach Studio Limor, they can contact the Company via phone or email and update about the return of the item. Upon collection, inspection and approval of the item, the Customer will be entitled to a monetary credit which can be redeemed on the Website or Studio Limor. If the item is not approved, the Customer will be notified accordingly.
13. A refund for a payment made through PAYPAL will be made by crediting the PAYPAL account.
14. In any event, it is advisable to take reasonable measures for the use of the product in accordance with the materials and components of that product and/or the instructions on the product packaging. It will be emphasized that the warranty - its validity and scope of application will be in accordance with the context of the product, its components, suppliers and the policy of the same external supplier as stated if the item was not produced in Studio Limor. In the event that there are no details available explaining the maintenance of the product, the binding rules will be as usual in the market and/or in accordance with the supplier's instructions, all in accordance with the context and circumstances of the case and the product.
15. All information presented on the Website and/or in the catalogs regarding the Website's products that are not products of the "Studio Limor" brand but imported products of other brands, will have their quality attested to Studio Limor by suppliers of these products, and they are of sole and full responsibility of these suppliers. This regards also any damage caused by the use of the products. The Company will not be liable for any damage except in the event that it is under its full control. The amount of damage will not be higher than the order amount.
16. Studio Limor will not be part of a dispute that has arisen between the various parties on the Website and in which Studio Limor has no interest. The Customer declares that he will bear the legal costs of defending Studio Limor, including the expenses of attorneys' fees,o the extent that it is entered into a proceeding in which there are claims against any other party related to the Website such as third party couriers (courier company).
17. To the extent that Studio Limor makes the shipment by third parties on its behalf, before the rule of law, it will handle inquiries related to the shipment such as damage caused to the product during the shipment and / or delay in the delivery of the product.
18. Under no circumstances will the Company bear any liability of any kind direct and/or indirect for direct and/or indirect and/or reliant and/or other damage, including in any other matter, including a defect in the production and/or quality of the product that it does not manufacture or import.
19. However, the Company will make a reasonable effort as part of the Website's service to handle any other request and compromise (between the various parties - any dispute that the Company appears to be helpful in) as long as there is a dispute between the Customer and any third party related to the Website.


​​Cancellation of the transaction by the Company and cessation of Website activity
1. The Company reserves the right to terminate the operation on the Website at any time, in its sole discretion, and/or to cancel a purchase transaction made by a Customer, including, but not limited to, in any of the cases listed below:
​​A. In any case in which, due to "force majeure", the Company is not able to perform proper management of the Website, provide the Customer with the products and/or meet other obligations. In this section "force majeure" is explained as, not not only: computer malfunctions, phone system malfunctions or other malfunctions in communication systems, any damange and/or a security incident. In such circumstances, the Company, at its discretion and in accordance with the circumstances of the cancellation, may cancel the transaction or offer the user an equivalent alternative product.
B. In the event that factors and/or events are beyond the control of the Company and/or its operators, where they would delay and/or prevent the sale of the products and/or services, of any kind, in whole or in part, and in any way, including the supply of the products and/or the provision of the services published on the Website at set dates, and/or would impair faults in the computer and/or phone systems and/or any other communication factor in completing the purchase process, this or that, in its various forms, and/or due to hostilities and/or any factor of another force majeure will prevent and/or impair the process of purchasing the products and/or services in any way, including by way of regular sale or other supply of the products and/or services and/or if changes in tax rates are applicable to the products and/or the services between the date of publication of the product and/or the service for purchase on the Website and the delivery date planned according to the TOU of the product and/or service, the Website may cancel the contract with the Customer, in whole or in part and/or stop the operation of the Website.
C. The user provided incorrect details when making the transaction and/or afterwards.
D. The user did not come to the Studio to collect the products they ordered within 14 business days.
E. If, in the Company's opinion, the Customer intends to resell the products they purchased through the Website to a relevant party in this context, the Customer agrees and commits not to sell products they purchased on the Website to any third party.
F. If the Customer’s credit card information and the full personal details have not been entered in the system.
G. The User has committed an act or omission that could harm Studio Limor and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the proper operation of the Website and/or any other third party.
H. The User committed an illegal act and/or violated the regulations of the law.
I. Without derogating from the above, if after the end of the sale it is discovered that the product and/or service is out of stock, the company may cancel the sale or offer an equivalent alternative product.
J. If such a sale is canceled, the Company will not be responsible and will not bear, in any case, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the User or a third party, including but not only damage due to the purchase of the product and/or service by a third party at a higher price.
K. In the event of a printing error, error and/or disparity in description of the product and/or service, its price, payment terms, product/service images or any other print material, or in data received from the offer submitter, the Company may cancel the specific purchase and entitle the Customer to a full refund.
L. In any case where an action has been taken in violation of these TOU.
M. Without derogating from the TOU, the User declares that they are aware that the Website uses the terms of cancellation policy, according to the rules established in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 5741 1981 and the Transaction Cancellation Regulations - in the Consumer Protection Regulations, 2010.


Warranty and service
1. The warranty for the product covers material defects in the body of the product and/or its operation which were caused by the Company.
2. The warranty for the product is given for a period of two years from the date of purchase.
3. During the warranty period, the Company will be available to advise in event of a defect caused by the use of the item, including defects and cracks in the clay resulting from a blow or use that is not in accordance with the Company's instructions.
4. The Company and/or the management of the Website and/or those on their behalf will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the User and/or the Customer and/or a third party, as a result of use or purchase through the Website, which was done not in accordance with the TOU - whatever the cause or reason of action - including loss of income and/or hindrance of profit. In such cases the Company reserves the right to cancel the specific order.
5. The Company does its best to ensure that the information displayed on the Website is the most complete and accurate, but it is clarified that if any inaccuracies or errors appear on the Website, the Company will not bear any responsibility arising from or related to them.
6. If there is a clerical error in the description of the item, the Company and/or the management of the Website will not be responsible.
7. The images of the products on the Website are for illustration purposes only and there may be disparities between the content of the images displayed, some or all of them, and the products actually sold.
8. In any event, the Company will not bear any responsibility that exceeds the value of the item/product purchased, as well as any indirect damage and/or consequential damage.
9. The warranty is valid only for a Customer who holds the proof of original purchase and only if the purchase was made through the Company’s Website or in Studio. The Company reserves the right to require the Customer to prove that they are the original buyer of the product.
10. The Company is not responsible for the Customer using the product purchased on the Website or in the Studio not in accordance to the manufacturer's and/or the Company's instructions, including using it on direct fire.
11. The Company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the misuse of the product, including any accidental, special, indirect or consequential damage - to the extent permitted by law. The Customer is responsible for all the risk and liability for loss, and damage to his body and/or property and/or the bodies of third parties, resulting from the use and/or lack of use of the product, except in cases where the said damage was caused by the sole negligence of The Company.
12. The exclusive assistance for any defective product under the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product. The total liability of the Company in relation to any defective product will in no event exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
13. The Company will not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the products as a result of events beyond its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, malfunctions in the computer system or phone systems that will impair the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service.
14. Studio Limor will do its best to provide quality products on time. If the Customer believes that the products or services they purchased through the Website are defective, they are welcome to contact the Company via email: and the Company will handle the request as early as possible.


Additional terms
1. If there is an error in the description of the color and/or the appearance of the color, and/or in the way the color appears on the user screen, the Company will not bear responsibility. The color catalog on the Website is for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the colors displayed on the Website, some or all of them, and the colors actually sold.
2. The Company is not responsible, insofar as there are any, for the content published in the links that exist on the Website and that lead to other websites that can be reached through the same link. The Company does not guarantee that the link will lead the user to an active Website.
3. The interpretation and enforcement of these TOU and/or any action or dispute arising therefrom, shall be done in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and will be clarified, if necessary, in the Haifa Court.
4. The presentation of the stores, products and/or services displayed on the Website does not express an opinion about them, their nature or quality by the Company.
5. The Company's computer records regarding the actions performed through the Website will constitute evidence of the correctness of the actions.
6. The Company reserves the right to change these TOU from time to time. Only the rules published in the Website's regulations (TOU) will oblige the operators of the operations on the Website.


Customer’s Club/Database
1. It is clarified and agreed that every Customer who registers on the Website gives their full consent to join the Company's customer base and thus its Customer Club both on the Website and in Studio Limor.
2. The Customer Club is personal and non-transferable. Studio Limor may change the terms of the membership and its activity at any time and/or stop providing the discount at any given time.
3. It is clarified that when a Customer joins the Website's services or becomes a member of the Customer Club, they enter e-mail and mobile phone number information, which at the same time means the Customer agrees to receive messages and marketing material that the Website distributes and/or will distribute in the future. The marketing content and messages might regard exclusive offers, discounts and benefits. Club members will receive messages via SMS messages that will be sent directly to the Customer's mobile device, and they will be included in the mailing list of the Website’s club members.
4. The Company reserves the right to change the route of the Customer Club from time to time in its sole discretion.
5. The Company reserves the right to change the collection of the joining fee and/or change its amount or cancel it, as well as to collect renewal fees, change them and / or cancel them - all at any time and in its sole discretion.
6. Membership in the club is conditional, among other things, on filling out an application form to join the club, which includes the details listed below: full name, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail, and consent to receive content from the Website and/or the Company. The personal details of the club members will be kept in writing and/or in a digital form according to the Company's decision. By joining the club, the member agrees to be included in the registered database of Studio Limor.
7. It is clarified that any information about a Club Member that is collected in connection with being a member of the club will be considered the property of Studio Limor, and the member hereby waives any claim for use of such information, including a claim under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981.
8. Any member may demand in writing from Limor Studio that their personal details be deleted from the Company's database and that the mailing operation be stopped.
9. The Company reserves the right to change the TOU from time to time at its sole discretion and without prior notice. As of the date of the amendment of the Articles of Association, the new wording will be binding, the binding wording of the Articles of Association will be available from time to time in the Company's offices and on the Company's website.
10. The membership in the club is intended for individuals only, and the membership, including any right by virtue of it and including any benefit which is granted by virtue of it, is personal and non-transferable.
11. Studio Limor reserves the right to cancel membership in the club/cancel eligibility for a benefit due to granting use of the club to a third party.


Intellectual Property
1. All the intellectual property rights regarding the content on the Company's Studio Limor Website, including patents, copyrights, designs, methods and trade secrets, are the property of the Company only. These rights apply, among other things, to the graphic design of the Company's website, its databases (including product lists, product descriptions, etc.), the Website's computer code, its web address and any other details related to its operation.
2. No data published on the Limor Studio Website may be used for the purpose of placing it on another website or any other service, contrary to the provisions of the TOU and/or without obtaining Limor Topol Paran's prior written consent and subject to the terms of that consent (if and to the extent given). This includes the prohibition of collecting data from the Website through software and/or disseminating such data to the public in a commercial manner.
3. No information on the Studio Limor’s Website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed and translated (including trademarks, images, texts and computer code) without the explicit prior written permission of Limor Topol Paran.
4. No commercial use may be made of the data published on the Studio Limor Website, found in the Company's database and/or in the product lists appearing on it or in other details published by the Company without obtaining Limor Topol Paran's prior written consent.
5. The name Studio Limor, Studio Limor’s trademarks (whether registered or not), etc. - are all the property of Studio Limor only. They may not be used without the prior written consent of Limor Topol Paran.
6. The Website must not be displayed in a frame, visible or hidden, and no link to the pages within it ("deep link"), but only to the home page.
7. The Website may not be presented in a design or graphical interface different from those designed by Limor Yaar, except subject to its prior written consent.
8. No use shall be made of any trademark or design of a product or model appearing on the Website or in photographs found on the Website, which are all protected intellectual property, both by virtue of Israeli law and by international conventions to which the State of Israel has joined.
9. All information and/or graphic display appearing on the Website, including icons, graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos and the edited versions of them or their display, are exclusively owned by Studio Limor.


Law and Jurisdiction
The law applicable to these regulations and/or to any action and/or conflict arising therefrom, is Israeli law only. In any case of dispute, the exclusive authority to hear any dispute arising, directly or indirectly, from the provisions of these regulations and/or the use and/or purchases on the Website - will be to the courts (Magistrates or District) Haifa and not to any other court or tribunal.



Last update: May 2022

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