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Privacy Policy

Studio Limor is committed to protecting your personal information and informing you how we collect, use and store it. This privacy policy applies to the Studio Limor’s website and its activity including transactions, personal details, subscribed personal details and other data gathered during your stay on our website. This privacy policy was revised on July 20th, 2022. Each time you use Studio Limor’s website or provide us with personal details, you consent to our Privacy Policy.

We use personal information only for the needs (ecommerce activity, communication with Users and Customers, etc) of the Studio Limor’s website. We do not sell your personal details to a third party. We might provide it to a third party if an order or a service you ordered requires such action. We collect identifiable personal information, which means the information that can help us contact you or identify you. 

1. Who collects and manages the information?
Studio Limor and the people acting on the company’s behalf are handlers and sole controllers of your personal data entered via our website. Studio Limor can be contacted at: Kibbutz Alonim, 3657700, Israel or via email: or via phone: +972 545319638


2. Why do we collect personal information?
In order to provide you with the services and products available on the Studio Limor’s website, we need to collect personal information in question. 


3. Where is the personal information stored? 
We store your personal information in a digital form on the Website and Studio Limor’s computer, mobile phone and any other device that might be used for the website and company management. 


4. What is the purpose of collecting this information? 
Studio Limor collects your personal details for the following purposes: 

  • Ecommerce activity (transactions, communication, deliveries etc)

  • Communication (marketing materials, newsletters, discounts provision etc)

  • Any other that might be useful in the process of managing the website

5. How do we share your personal information?
We might share your personal information with third parties if there is such need based on the order or service you requested. 


6. How do we communicate with site visitors?
We communicate with our users and customers via website, email or phone number. To contact Studio Limor, please refer to the contact details in point 11. 


7. What kind of information is collected?
We might collect the following information: name and family name, email address, physical address, phone number, credit card number, expiration and CVV number and any other personal information that is entered via website when ordering services or products for third parties, like gift cards or purchases done for others. 


8. Can I access my personal information? 
Under the GDPR policy you have the right to request access to, receive a copy of, update, amend or delete to your personal information that you have shared on the Studio Limor website. In order to access the data, please contact Studio Limor for assistance. Studio’s full contact details can be found in point 11 of this document. If your concern regards data entered while making a transaction or order, we advise you to contact us via phone or Whatsapp to ensure timely manner that would not affect other processes. 
The process will be handled according to the applicable laws & regulations for related states or territory. 


9. Updates to the policy
Studio Limor reserves the right to update privacy policy without a public prior notice or one afterwards. Any updates implemented will be documented in this privacy policy and available to all users or customers of the website. 

Studio Limor’s contact details: 
We invite you to contact Studio Limor per your need either via Israeli Post at the address: Studio Limor, Kibbutz Alonim, 3657700, Israel, or via email: or via phone: +972 545319638. The phone number is also available via Whatsapp. 


10. Security
Studio Limor’s website is built on Wix that takes security of their platform seriously. The transmission of sensitive payment information (such as a credit card number) is done through the ecommerce components designated for purchase, which are protected by an industry standard SSL/TLS encrypted connection. 

Use of cookies and other third party technologies policy

1. What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your browser. They are normally used to manage your computer sessions, save your preferences or keep track of settings you have chosen. 


2. What type of Cookies do we use? 
We mostly use essential cookies. For full list please see here


3. Why do we use Cookies?
We use them to provide you with a great experience on the website, identify you as a registered member if you have joined us previously in the Customer’s Club, to monitor the performance, activity and effectiveness of the platform on which the website was built and to ensure the website is safe and secure to use. 

4. How can I check cookies stores on my computer? 

You can see the cookies stored on your computer, not only by Studio Limor’s website using links that are relevant for you: 


The following links explain how to access cookie settings in various browsers:


To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit this link:


To learn more about cookies, visit this page:

5. How can I withdraw my consent or refuse cookies used on my computer?

You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting cookies from your device or by clicking the button to revoke your consent, in accordance with the information provided on the Privacy Policy. To do so, please refer to a relevant link in point 5.

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